National Water Hygiene Course

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The total cost comprises the training cost plus the cost of the registration (registration cost is £39 – correct as of April 2024). The ‘Vicarda’ app (CSCS system) is issued also for your smart phone. An optional plastic SmartCard with a chip can be purchased. The cost of the course varies according to the method of delivery, location and numbers.

A. No, not this course, if you need a water industry CSCS card then you many need the EUSR SHEA Water Passport ( Energy and Utility Skills Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness Passport).

A. Four Options

  1. Every few weeks in Warrington – midway between Manchester and Liverpool within 1 mile of the M6 and M62 Motorways.
  2. By e-learning – suitable for people who want to take the course quickly and at a time convenient for them. The test needs to be witnessed by video-link using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  3. Delivered by videoconference on ZOOM or alternatively at your premises in
  4. England and Wales. Whatever suits your needs best.
    At your premises – anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland.

A. Please send questions by email to Alison Bradley at