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Water Hygiene Card Training

The water industry accredited National Water Hygiene Card Course is designed for those who work in the production of drinking water supplied by the regional water companies. The course objective is to provide a basic understanding of how important it is to maintain good hygiene standards whilst working with potable water. It has been developed by Energy and Utility Skills and holders of this card will appear on the the Energy and Utility Skills Register (EUSR). In the industry the Water Hygiene Card is often referred to as ‘the blue card‘.

Upcoming Course Dates 2018 – the price per person including the national water hygiene card is £125 + VAT = £150

To book just email info@achievesafety.co.uk

Warrington  –  February – Thursday 22nd. 9.30am – 12.30pm FULL

February Thursday 22nd, 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm places available

March – Thursday 1st, 9.30am – 12.30pm

March – Thursday 8th, 9.30am – 12.30pm

March – Monday 12th, 9.30am – 12.30pm

St Albans near London

March – Wednesday 14th. 9.30am – 12.30pm

April – Tuesday 24th.

Courses are held regularly in Warrington and less frequently in the Midlands and London. You can have the course delivered at your place.

National Water Hygiene Card Training Logo The National Water Hygiene Scheme course target audience is those who work with water companies on potable water sites.  It is delivered to thousands of people each year, principally those engaged in construction or maintenance activities. Courses are delivered in Warrington and London or at your office or workshop.

In-House Courses or Open Courses? For groups of four or more people it is usually more suitable to arrange an ‘in-house’ course delivered at your own premises.  This is the more efficient and cost effective method as your staff only need to be away from work for half a day.  For smaller numbers the “Open Courses” are more suitable these are held weekly. To make a booking email Peter on info@waterhygienecard.co.uk and see if we can help you.

Course Content and Structure of The National Water Hygiene Scheme Course

– Water Hygiene Card Information Sheet

  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction
  3. The importance of water
  4. Water as a carrier of disease and recent events in the industry. The role of the Drinking Water Inspectorate.
  5. Water as a foodstuff. The similarities of approach within the food industry.
  6. Restricted operations.
  7. Tea and Coffee Break
  8. Potential for contamination
  9. Preventing contamination
  10. Chlorination and disinfection
  11. Consequences of contamination
  12. Ensuring quality: Sampling and audit
  13. Examination – 25 questions multiple choice – Pass mark 22
  14. Taking of photographs, checking application forms
  15. Issue of Cover Notes for the water hygiene course
  16. Completion of the course


EUSR National Water Hygiene Scheme Course Objectives

At the end of the course the participants should:-

a)  be fully aware of the ways in which potable water could be contaminated,

b)  understand that it is their responsibility to prevent the water becoming contaminated,

c)  be successful in obtaining the nationally agreed level of training, testing and medical clearance.  This is measured by the successful completion of the National Water Hygiene test.

Maximum number of delegates As little as 1 delegate on our open courses.  In-company courses can be arranged for a minimum of 4 people and accommodate a maximum of 12. Two courses can be held in one day giving a daily total of 24 people trained. For exceptional circumstances two tutors can attend if two classrooms are provided giving a daily maximum of 48 people trained per day.

Examination and Assessment A multiple choice examination paper is taken comprising 25 questions.  The pass mark is set at 22.

Certification The delegate who successfully completes the course will receive a ‘Cover Note’ that is valid for 45 days, the formal National Water Hygiene card can take 5 weeks for delivery.

Awarding and Examination Board Energy and Utility Skills – the sector skills body for the UK water industry.

Important Information All delegates need to bring a form of photo identification, this can include a Passport or Driving Licence.

Recommended additional course Safety Health and Environment Passport for Water – SHEA Water – http://sheawaterpassport.co.uk

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